Thinking About a Stairlift Rental in London?

There comes a time in one’s life when some of the things that are considered simple, even mundane, become quite a chore to undertake. This could be the simple things such as getting out of the house to walk the pup, preparing yourself a sumptuous meal or something as routine as this.  The one that affects people the most, though, is the fact that they can’t simply go up the stairs without a stairlifts.

As the body ages, some of the things it could have blown through without issues during the earlier years become a real issue. If this was a hundred to 150 years ago, then that would be a problem as mobility around the house would be limited, or would need an extra set of hands to help. Now though, stairlifts are the best way to help with mobility up a staircase.

Why would one need a Stairlift?

Even though it’s not every elderly person that will require aid in getting up the stairs, those that do would benefit greatly from having a stairlift to help them with mobility around the house.

1. Help with balance.

In certain cases, elderly people may find it difficult to try and maintain balance while moving around. This is why a cane and a walker are sometimes prescribed for their use. Maintaining balance while going up a set of stairs can be quite tricky. This is one reason why injuries to elderly people happen on the stairs.

Moving into a bungalow might help get rid of the problem, but how expensive and inconvenient would that be? Instead, a stair lift is very useful in helping move elderly people from storey to storey while avoiding nasty injuries.

2. Help with medical conditions.

It’s not uncommon to come across elderly people who have issues with their joints, or with muscle aches. These could be as a result of inflammation of the joints, or with more chronic conditions such as arthritis.
A stairlift would be absolutely handy as arthritis has been known to cause serious pain, requiring various forms of medication to relieve the pain

For the short time that your loved one would be having trouble getting up a set of stairs, why not commit to renting a stairlift? This is a much more convenient way to helping them with their mobility issues compared to others such as moving house, or worse, to a nursing home.

Depending on your need, we can provide you with a range of stairlifts. These are;

Outdoor stairlifts: These are perfect for outdoor situations.

Straight stairlifts: These are used inside the house, where the staircase is straight between the storeys.

Curved stairlifts: These are perfect for spiral staircases, and others that have a curve to them.

Refurbished stairlifts: The staircase you rent doesn’t have to be new. If it gets the job done, then it definitely should be in your home, helping the elderly loved one move around without fear of serious injury.

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